Ashish Papanai

Computer Vision | Medical Image Analysis | Weakly Supervised Learning


I am a Associate Machine Learning Scientist (AMLS) at Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence. I completed my undergraduate studies (B. Tech., CSE) from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi, I was also a visiting undergraduate researcher (2022-2023) at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

I’m currently part of the Cotton ML Team of Wadhwani AI and I am working on trap based pest managemet for cotton farming, and on Crop Yield Estimate for Indian farmers. My role at Wadhwani AI is to develop a deep learning model that can detect the presence of pests in the field and classify them into different alert categories.

My current research interests are Deep Learning for Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Explainable AI and Weakly Supervised Learning. I am also interested in Machine Learning for Healthcare and Computer Vision for Agriculture.

Feel free to reach out to me using my socials if you want to talk about any of these topics.


Dec 14, 2023 ‘Maintaining User Trust Through Multistage Uncertainty Aware Inference’ accpeted at Deployable AI (A workshot at 38th Annual AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence). 🥳
Jul 17, 2023 Joined Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence as Associate Machine Learning Scientist. 🥂
Jul 14, 2023 Selected as finalist for Singapore India Hackathon 2023 organised by AICTE, and NTU Singapore at IIT Gandhinagar.
Jun 24, 2023 Paper accepted in MICCAI’23 Core-A Conference. 🥂
Feb 2, 2023 Joining Wadhwani AI as a ML Intern.

Selected publications

  1. Maintaining User Trust Through Multistage Uncertainty Aware Inference
    Agrawal, Chandan,  Papanai, Ashish, and White, Jerome
    In DAI’24 (AAAI-W) 2024
  2. Gall Bladder Cancer Detection from US Images with Only Image Level Labels
    Basu, Soumen,  Papanai, Ashish, Gupta, Mayank, Gupta, Pankaj, and Arora, Chetan
    In MICCAI 2023
  3. VIhanceD: Efficient Video Super Resolution for Edge Devices
    Papanai, Ashish, Babbar, Siddharth, Pandey, Anshuman, Kathuria, Harshit, Sharma, Alok Kr, and Gupta, Namita
    In DELCON 2023
  4. Efficient Prediction of Annual Yield from Stocks Using Hybrid Deep Learning
    Papanai, Ashish
    In 4th International Conference on Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing (MISP2022) 2022
  5. Hybrid Image Processing Device as Wearable Aide for Visually Impaired
    Papanai, Ashish, and Kaushik, Harsh
    In 2022 8th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (ICACCS) 2022